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I am a designer from Russia, specialized in making costumes

Let's exchange coffee!
Do you like coffee? Share your coffee! Tell us about it in your photos. Then we will learn a lot about the coffee of the whole World!
I love coffee very much, I love not only drinking it, but also taking pictures with my phone! Today I was driving in a car with a friend and the thought occurred to me, what if we all exchange our coffee photos? We will find out how they drink coffee all over the world! You can imagine how much fun awaits us!
Send a photo to my mail (it is indicated below), sign your name and the country where you live, where you drank this coffee! I will post new photos here every day,
And if the photo shows the flag of your country... Wow! Your photo will be the most valuable in the collection!

We have the whole world at our fingertips!
Well? Go?
(April 6, 2023)

Thank you !
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